The Art of the Pitch with John Bates

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Art of the Pitch Minicourse

I want to help you with your pitches, whether it's internally to get approval for a project, crafting an elevator pitch, or practicing an outward-facing performance for investors while trying to receive funding. This is a micro-sample of just some of the concepts I present in The Art, Science, and Neurobiology of the Pitch.

If you like these 6 lessons, which I am offering at a discount for a limited time, I can take you to the next level by coaching you through your next important pitch.

By signing up for this mini-course you will receive just a few of the key elements I provide in my group or one-to-one trainings for the entrepreneurs I coach. If you love what you are learning, contact me if you would like to take the next step and receive further coaching from me. 

By providing your mobile phone number on sign-up, you will set yourself up to receive text messages from me along with helpful video lessons. This way, you can view the videos at your convenience, at home, during your commute, and on any mobile device. Of course your mobile phone number is optional, and if you don't want to provide it, you can still receive the message via email too. Keep in mind, any information you provide to me will not be sold or distributed to anyone else. We keep your information safe. 

Sign up now, fill out the form provided, and I'll send you the valuable lessons in this micro sample of my full course.


~John Bates~

$97 - $87.03 off coupon = $9.97 USD

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